Case Studies

Company: Solara Medical Supplies

  • Over 200 employees

  • In business over 20 years

  • Serving the diabetes community and specializing in Type 1 diabetes by being a leader in CGM and Insulin Pump distribution



Growing pains as a result of accelerated growth. Customer was unable to sustain the growth on existing manual processes and outdated software. This led to declining customer service levels and increased cycle times for order processing. Going from small-business to mid-size was proving difficult. At the time the family owned business didn’t just need a development team to code a program but a technology partner to help usher in best in class processes, smarter software and empowered staff.


Reporteq was hired in 2014 to create a custom-tailored workflow system to integrate with referral partners. This allowed external entities such as manufacturers to submit leads and referrals directly to Solara. The intelligent queues guided the employee through pre-determined steps complete with field logic, data validation and duplicate checks for clean data entry. Now empowered with more data, Solara could then report back to their manufacturer partners a plethora of statistics, updates and KPI’s proving Solara was the right choice for their continued referrals.

Solara now has a guided pharmacy claims processing system, a workflow engine, inbound lead management system, a custom SMS texting engine powered by Twilio and robust APIs and integrations to support their business.


Solara grew exponentially which allowed it to be sold to an eager investment group summer of 2018 (

The tools in place have helped shape Solara into a platform company acquiring other businesses to expand their portfolio. (


Tel: 888-818-9533

1434 Village View Rd

Encinitas, CA 92024.